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Putian Shanyuan Crafts

Case details

  • Case name: Putian Shanyuan Craft
  • Main project: Craft
  • Language: Chinese
  • Website type: Craft Furniture
  • Release time: 2013-04-23
  • Demo URL:

Fujian Putian Shanyuan Crafts Co., Ltd. inherits traditional handicrafts and promotes Buddhist art and culture. Founded in 2000, Shanyuan Crafts Co., Ltd. is located in Putian, "the city of wood carving in China". "First" as its purpose, adhering to the "quality creates customers" business philosophy, continuous innovation and excellence.

The company specializes in the production of woodcarving Buddha statues, painting of Buddha statues, and gold pasting with various materials; from the careful selection of wood to the hand-carved carving process, it sculpts a lifelike work. The company adopts the traditional techniques of wood drying and degreasing, and large lacquer appliqué in the surface treatment of woodcarving products to prevent cracking of woodcarving. The selection of painted materials is strictly required, using pure gold foil with a gold content of 98%, and the introduction of Japanese mineral pigments and lacquered gold, which can be painted on various materials such as {wood carving, jade carving, stone carving, bronze carving, and birthing}. The collection of the essence of ancient mural painting, combined with modern folk handicrafts, depicts exquisite and collectible Buddha crafts. The company's products are sold to major temples at home and abroad, and are exported to Taiwan, Japan and Southeast Asia. They have won praise from our customers. Welcome the elders of Zhushan and other colleagues to visit and guide, and invite people from all walks of life to join the agency. Create brilliant.

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