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Putian Yaming Food

Case details

  • Case name: Putian Yaming Food
  • Main Project: Food
  • Language: Chinese
  • Website type: Comprehensive
  • Release time: 2013-04-23
  • Demo URL:

Based on the concept of "building the first brand of catering specialty foods, strong brand means strong nationality, and strive for great national rejuvenation." Always taking the market as the guide and meeting the needs of customers as the core, we have developed a series of catering specialty foods that are popular in the market. These are the crystallization of the intent and professional wisdom of the Yaming people.

Yaming grasps quality and sticks to integrity. In the win-win spirit of "people-oriented, hand in hand with Yaming, sharing success", it has won the recognition of consumers and the support of many colleagues in the industry. We are grateful for the hardships and hardships we have with us, and we are deeply grateful! Looking back, ups and downs, we have experienced the hardships of most enterprises, but the Yaming people never give up, insist on doing well, stronger and bigger themselves; Yaming people continue to pursue innovation and constantly create perfection. Efforts always have results, and payback will eventually pay off.

We are good at grasping the market, discovering demand, guiding demand, and meeting demand. We have a group of outstanding technical talents, and we have a professional team that works hard, works hard, strives for innovation, and never gives up. We have the recognition of many consumers and the support of my colleagues in the industry. We believe that the trick is to achieve the ultimate with simple actions, that is, to be complete.

We believe that life cannot determine length, but width can be determined. We sell products with love. We believe that the outstanding Yaming people will continue on their solid footsteps and embark on a new journey.

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