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Putian Shaozhen Plastic Surgery

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  • Case name: Putian Shaozhen Plastic Surgery
  • Main items: Korean plastic surgery, plastic surgery
  • Language: Chinese
  • Website Type: Medical Beauty
  • Release time: 2013-04-23
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Shaozhen Medical Cosmetology and Plastic Surgery Clinic is the earliest professional plastic surgery and cosmetic institution established in Fujian Province. It is also the first batch of plastic surgery and authoritative plastic surgery institutions approved by the health department in Putian. It is now ranked among the top ten plastic surgery institutions in China. .

Since its inception in 1994, our hospital has adhered to the operating philosophy of price positioning of working class, technical requirements in sync with South Korea, thoughtful postoperative hospitalization services, and privacy in place, and has invested heavily in the introduction of British-made Itri skincare and hair removal. Photon workstations, German imported radio wave raps, American microcrystalline grinding machines, the exclusive introduction of the Swiss Poly Energy shock liposuction instrument, German facial reshaping system, American YAG ultra-pulse laser, endoscope computer display system and other international top Equipment, opening new features of first-class Korean plastic surgery services in the province. At the same time, it also introduced high-quality prostheses jointly certified by the US FDA, European CE, and China SDA, such as the American Peach, Manto, McGonagall, France ES and Goretex, Medpor and other well-known prostheses. Brand prosthesis materials, so that the majority of beautiful women can enjoy the world's top plastic beauty services without going abroad.

Our hospital has a professional medical school education, solid professional basic knowledge, more than 17 years of clinical experience in plastic surgery, unique aesthetic ability, superb surgical skills, and has a high academic level and popularity in the beauty industry. Team. Many well-known professors and chief physicians have joined in the country. At the same time, we attach great importance to the introduction and training of talents, implement the talent strategy of “Introducing, Going Out”, and regularly send out academic and scientific research institutions such as Seoul University in South Korea to study and inspect every year. We have introduced and innovated safety, minimally invasive, non-trace, An extremely fast recovery and long-lasting plastic surgery.

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