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Putian No. 24 Middle School

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  • Case name: Putian No. 24 Middle School
  • Main project: secondary education
  • Language: Chinese
  • Website Type: Educational Arts
  • Release time: 2013-04-23
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Introduction to Putian No. 24 Middle School

中国十大杰出青年”、现任 湖南省副省长陈肇雄的母校, 国际数理统计学会会长、 国际统计学最高荣誉考普斯 总统奖 获得者范剑青也曾在这里负笈求学。 Here is fertile soil for cultivating talents under the Hugong Mountain; here is a solid and thick academy by the waterfront of Hongku; here is the alma mater of " China's Top Ten Outstanding Youths", the current deputy governor of Hunan Province, Chen Zhaoxiong, president of the International Mathematical Statistics Association Fan Jianqing, who won the presidential prize of Cops, the highest honor in international statistics, also lost his studies here. The talented people under the Huhu Gongshan and Hongku waterside are now full of new flowers and liveliness.

位于兴化平原西部壶公山麓 、城港大道旁, Putian No. 24 Middle School is located at the foot of Hugong Mountain and beside Chenggang Avenue in the west of Xinghua Plain . 创办于1962年,现为福建省二级达标重点中学。 The school was founded in 1962 and is now a secondary key secondary school in Fujian Province. 40 多年来,培养了两万多名毕业生,涌现出 “中国十大杰出青年”、现任 湖南省副省长陈肇雄, 国际数理统计学会会长、国际统计学最高荣誉考普斯 总统奖 获得者范剑青等为代表的一大批出类拔萃的优秀人才,赢得社会各界的普遍赞誉。 More than 20,000 graduates have been cultivated over the past 40 years since the establishment of the school , and "China's Top Ten Outstanding Youths" have emerged. Chen Zhaoxiong, Deputy Governor of Hunan Province, President of the International Society of Mathematical Statistics, and President of International Statistics Kaps, the highest honor A large number of outstanding talents represented by Fan Jianqing and other awardees have won universal praise from all walks of life.

占地面积47093 ,建筑面积25690 ,绿化面积6200 ;建有标准教学楼、实验楼、综合楼、食堂、学生公寓、图书馆、现代教育中心、塑胶跑道运动场、游泳池;配有设备先进的电脑室、语音室、多媒体教室、教师电子备课室、理化生探究室、通用技术实验教室等。 The school covers an area of 47,093 , a building area of 25,690 , and a green area of 6,200 . It has standard teaching buildings, experimental buildings, comprehensive buildings, canteens, student apartments, libraries, modern education centers, plastic runways, and swimming pools; equipped with equipment Advanced computer room, voice room, multimedia classroom, teacher's electronic classroom, physical and chemical students' inquiry room, general technology experimental classroom, etc. The campus environment is elegant, the cultural atmosphere is strong, and the teaching and living facilities are fully equipped. It is an ideal place for students to study.

36 个教学班,学生2178人, 教职工179人,高、中级教师占57.3% ,教师本科学历率达97.1% ,其中硕士研究生4人,省学科带头人、骨干教师2人,市、区优秀教师及骨干教师61人,师资队伍结构合理,实力雄厚。 The school currently has 36 teaching classes, with 2178 students, 179 faculty members, 57.3% of high and intermediate teachers, 97.1% of teachers' undergraduate qualifications, of which 4 are masters, 2 are provincial discipline leaders and backbone teachers. There are 61 outstanding teachers and backbone teachers in the district. The structure of the teaching staff is reasonable and the strength is strong.

全面贯彻执行党的教育方针, 以“进德、力学、求实、奉献”为校训,以“ 为全体学生负责,为学生终身负责、为学生家长负责、为中华民族负责 ”为办学理念,以 “德育为根本,教学为中心,体育为特色,科研为先导”为办学策略,求真务实,开拓进取。 The school fully implements the party's education policy, taking "advanced morality, mechanics, pragmatism, dedication" as the school motto, " responsible for all students, responsible for students for life, responsible for students' parents, responsible for the Chinese nation " as the school philosophy. "Ethical education is the foundation, teaching is the center, sports is the characteristic, and scientific research is the guide" is the school-running strategy, seeking truth and being pragmatic and pioneering.

区政府共 投入 2000 多万元加强学校硬件建设。 Since the establishment of the district, the district government has invested more than 20 million yuan to strengthen the school's hardware construction. 改造学校的运动场、 游泳池 绿化美化校园,充实图书馆藏书及设施。 It has successively built teacher and student canteens, biological parks, new teaching buildings, student apartments, and libraries, renovated the school's sports grounds, swimming pools , greened and beautified campuses, and enriched the library's books and facilities. 学还自筹资金,对校园网进行改造充实,对通用技术、艺术、卫生装备及食堂设施等进行了完善和规范。 At the same time, Xue also self-raised funds to renovate and enrich the campus network, and perfected and standardized general technology, art, sanitary equipment, and cafeteria facilities. 为创建达标学校,为扎实推进素质教育奠定了坚实的基础。 The school has continuously optimized the conditions for running schools, which has laid a solid foundation for the establishment of up to standard schools and the solid promotion of quality education. On this basis, the school focuses on strengthening the construction of campus culture and creating a strong and healthy campus culture atmosphere. Under the ideological guidance of "reasonable layout and improved taste", the overall planning of the campus environment is made, so that every wall "talks", so that every corner of the school can play an educational function. The campus is full of old trees and new flowers, and the pavilions and pavilions embellish the landscape of the campus.

个,校本课程34门。 In recent years, under the leadership of the district committee, district government and higher education authorities, the school has steadily promoted the reform of the new curriculum, attaches importance to the role of the main position of classroom teaching, takes scientific research as the guide, and relies on subject experiments to optimize the teaching process and strengthen teaching. The reform has 54 national and provincial education reform topics and 34 school-based courses. 加大辐射作用,不断提升学校品牌,取得了可喜的成绩。 The school is people-oriented, focuses on cultivating students' innovative spirit and practical ability, highlights the characteristics of running sports arts, increases the role of radiation, and continuously improves the school brand, and has achieved gratifying results. 2008 年学校本科上线人数达 352 人,艺术类学生余志超考取中央音乐学院。 The online and college entrance examination rates have jumped to a new level year after year. In 2008 , the number of undergraduates who came online was 352. Art students Yu Zhichao passed the Central Conservatory of Music. 多项市级以上荣誉称号。 The school has successively won the "Putian City Education Award", "Putian City Track and Field Traditional Project School", "Fujian Province Garden-style Units", "Fujian Advanced Teaching Staff Home", "Putian City Civilization School", and "Putian City Junior Military School Demonstration" School "," Putian Top Ten May 4th Red Banner Youth League Committee "," Putian City Advanced School of Network Civilization Education "," Putian City Excellent School for Implementing Quality Education "," Putian City Safe Campus "," Putian City School of Management by Law " "," Putian City School Public Demonstration Unit "," Putian City Green School "and many other honorary titles above the municipal level.

学校秉承文化积淀和优良办学传统, 搭乘课程改革东风 ,以全面提高教学质量为生命线,不断深化内部管理体制和加强教育教学科研,聚精会神抓质量,同心同德谋发展,向着省一级达标学校的目标稳步迈进。 At present, the school adheres to the cultural accumulation and excellent traditions of running schools, takes the course of reforming the curriculum , takes the overall improvement of teaching quality as the lifeline, continuously deepens the internal management system and strengthens education, teaching and scientific research, concentrates on quality, develops with one heart and one mind, and reaches the provincial level. The school's goals are moving steadily.


Putian Twenty-four Middle School's school performance is remarkable:

创办于1962年,学校位于兴化平原西部壶公山麓 、城港大道旁, 是莘莘学子求学的理想宝地。 Putian No. 24 Middle School (former Quqiao No. 1 Middle School) was founded in 1962. The school is located at the foot of Hugong Mountain and beside Chenggang Avenue in the west of Xinghua Plain . It is an ideal place for students to study. 多年来,学校体育办学特色闻名遐迩,积累了丰富的办学经验,为祖国培养了一大批栋梁之材。 For more than 40 years since its establishment, the school is well-known for its characteristics in running sports, has accumulated rich experience in running the school, and has cultivated a large number of pillars for the motherland. 米冠军刘双双,省运会跆拳道亚军陈清玲等。 Among them are Chen Wenfeng, a national excellent physical education teacher in the country, Zhao Ronglian, a national track and field referee, Zheng Zhijia, a middle school student in the world, Li Xianwu, the champion of the national athletics archery team, Liu Shuangshuang, the 800- meter champion of the traditional track and field school, and Chen Qingling, the runner-up of the provincial Games. Wait. In recent years, physical education has been further developed in a solid and orderly manner, students' physical fitness has been significantly enhanced, sports skills have been steadily improved, and their ideology and academic performance have improved significantly. 年以来学校体育高考本科上线人数及上线率均居全市前茅,多名学生获得“许阿琼奖学金”,学校被授予“莆田市田径传统项目学校”。 Since 2001 , the number of online undergraduates and the online rate of the undergraduate college entrance examination for physical education has been among the top in the city. Many students have received the "Xu Aqiong Scholarship" and the school has been awarded the "Putian Track and Field Traditional Project School". Our school's unique schooling has become the focus of attention of all sectors of the society and the news media. Putian TV Station, Meizhou Daily, Putian Evening News, Putian Overseas Chinese Newspaper and many other media have reported our school's outstanding sports school performance.

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