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Putian Information Port

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  • Case name: Putian Information Port
  • Main project: Putian Information Center
  • Language: Chinese
  • Website type: Institution
  • Release time: 2013-04-23
  • Demo URL:

Putian Information Port holds the service tenet of "Serving Putian, Win-win and Prosperity". The user's standard is our standard station concept. We constantly strive for perfection, excellence and innovation in professional technical quality and service. While realizing its own value, it will fulfill its mission of social value and fulfill the service tenet of "serving Putian, win-win and prosperity"! At present, Putian Information Port has invested a lot of meticulous preparatory work in an effort to develop into a comprehensive port station with rich information and rich content by using the power of the Internet. Provide a product and service information display platform for more Putian local business enterprise users. Serving the citizens of Putian, serving buyers and sellers, serving buyers and sellers! Provide more, more complete and timely fresh and convenient information and services! Putian Information Port, dedicated to provide you with quality service and good user experience!

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