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Putian Children's World Kindergarten

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  • Case name: Putian Children's World Kindergarten
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  • Website Type: Educational Arts
  • Release time: 2013-04-23
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Children's World Kindergarten is located in Limei District, Wenwen East Road, Putian City. It is about 500 meters away from Jinding Square, a pedestrian street, with convenient transportation, superior geographical location, grand style and beautiful appearance. It is the largest kindergarten with a single-story building area in our province. The first floor has a performing arts hall that can accommodate thousands of people, as well as various function rooms, training rooms and recreational facilities. It is the best place for children's skills training, art performances and indoor activities. The second floor has a teaching and activity area of nearly 3,000 square meters. All classrooms and multi-functional activity halls are equipped with children's special environmental-friendly plastic flooring, classrooms are equipped with special air-conditioning, large-screen LCD TVs and various teaching activities equipment; on the top of the second floor is an outdoor sports field with imported artificial grass of 3000 square meters. It is also equipped with swimming pools, rest pavilions, plantations, breeding gardens, sand pools and comprehensive equipment for children's play. It is currently the largest outdoor sports field in our city's kindergartens. The purpose of the children's world kindergarten is to "let children have innocence, enjoy childhood, happy life, and healthy growth." The kindergarten has a professional management team. Wu Lixian, the former principal and super teacher of the first experimental kindergarten in Licheng District, Putian City, is the principal, and Zhang Lai, a pre-school education major at Beijing Normal University, is the deputy principal. High-quality, high-education and high-level teachers, more than 90% of teachers have a bachelor or college degree, and most teachers have rich education and teaching experience.

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