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Hongshengjiu Winery-Madeira Wines

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  • Case Name: Hongshengjiu Wine-Madeira Wines
  • Main project: wine
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  • Website type: Comprehensive
  • Release time: 2013-04-23
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Company Profile

Xiamen Hongshengjiu Wine Co., Ltd. is a professional company that specializes in the import and export of high-end wines from Spain, France and other parts of the world. It has Madeira wine brands and Madelon international wineries (Chain franchise stores).

Hongshengjiu Wine Industry takes the mission of spreading the world's excellent wine culture and advocating fashion, taste and healthy lifestyle as its mission to provide our customers with quality products, leading ideas and thoughtful services. At present, Hongshengjiu Winery provides products and services to various channels such as commercial superstores, restaurants, night shows, wedding banquets, and group purchases; partners and customers are located in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Fujian, Sichuan, Hunan, Hubei, Shandong, Anhui and other provinces. Dozens of regions and cities. For several years, Hongshengjiu Wine Industry has been committed to the dissemination of the world's excellent wine culture. The brands that the company distributes include Spain, France, Chile, Argentina and other imported high-quality wine brands, with more than 300 kinds of single products ...
Hongshengjiu Winery adhering to the development concept of "honesty, trust, and win-win" and the cooperation idea of "pragmatic pursuit, harmony and conspiracy", and vowed to establish long-term strategic partnership with franchisees to create brilliant and beautiful !! Since the establishment of the company, with the purpose of "dedicating the world's top pure wine to every Chinese person", following the business ethics of "double morality, mutual benefit and win-win", consumer-centric, market-oriented, and distributors from all walks of life Together with friends, through many years of operation, we have established a good reputation and a wide sales network.

In the future, Hongshengjiu Wine Industry will return to the majority of franchised dealers with rich wine product lines, complete warehouse logistics distribution centers, professional marketing teams, and generous returns. The company will also import more mid-to-high-end wines from Australia, the United States, Italy, Portugal, and Hungary to improve the product composition of imported wines, and make Madelon wines and Madelon international wineries into well-known brands in the country.

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