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Application process

  • 1.Resume submission
  • 2. Telephone interview
  • 3. On-site interview
  • 4. On-site retest
  • 5, report to join

Application method

  • Recruitment Hotline: 0594-2230618
  • Delivery email:
  • Company Website:
  • Company address: 6th floor of Henghui Building (next to the entrance of the Armed Police Force) in the middle of Meiyuan Road, Putian City, Fujian Province.

Application Notes

  • Please indicate the name of the job title in the title of the application email, and send the resume as an attachment;
  • All information filled in is as true and complete as possible (very important);
  • It is recommended that you download the following standard templates to fill in your resume:
    Click to download resume template
Recent Jobs

技术部 客服部 其他 Technical Department of the Ministry of Commerce

Business elite

Number of Recruitment: 15 Work Location: Putian City

1. Strong adaptability, able to deal with customers' problems independently

2. Rich business knowledge and practical skills

3. Strong market development ability, leadership ability and team organization ability.

4. Have unique insights and novel ideas about the development of the Internet.

5.Assist the manager to do the daily work of the department

Once hired, the treatment is favorably (accommodation available)

Basic salary for probation period 2000+

Interested parties can call (0594-2230618) to schedule an interview or bring your resume to the company for an interview

Web artwork

Number of Recruitment: 2 Work Location: Putian City

description of job:
1. College degree or above, major in computer or fine arts;
2. Familiar with Photoshop, Flash, Three Musketeers and other related software;
3. Familiar with web design and development languages such as Html, Css, Javascript;
4. Possess a certain degree of art appreciation and art design skills, good aesthetics and sense of overall situation;
5. More than two years of website design experience is preferred;
6. Good communication and coordination skills, strong sense of work responsibility and excellent teamwork ability.

If you have any intention, you can directly contact Ms. Shen 2230618 or 18955539788

Customer Service Specialist

Number of Recruitment: 2 Work Location: Putian City

Work experience and skills: Have more than one year of customer service or related experience.

Ability literacy:

1. College degree or above, good character, good communication and language, writing ability, customer maintenance and ability to handle customer complaints.

4. Strong affinity, strong adaptability, patience, strong sense of responsibility, practical and meticulous, stable work;

2. Strong ability to perform activities, secondary development of customer resources and customer return visits.

3. Able to withstand certain work pressure and customer pressure;

Interested parties can call (0594-2230618) to schedule an interview or bring your resume to the company for an interview

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