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Website construction and website operation and maintenance process

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How to build a website

1. Apply for a domain name: .com ( international domain name ) and .cn ( domestic domain name ) are appropriate ( generally between 60 yuan and 100 yuan, different IDC vendors quote different prices ) can go to the domain name registrar or to the IDC agent domain name office Application, such as Wanwang, Xinwang

2. Purchasing space: Buy space from IDC that meets your website requirements. Generally, it is enough to introduce your business or use it to promote your business ; if you need to have trading functions on the website or need to install other If you use software, you should use VPS hosting ; the most demanding is to rent a server or hosting server. Words for price: lease server > hosting server > VPS hosting > virtual hosting, performance words: leased server = hosting server > VPS hosting > virtual hosting. IDC vendors should pay attention to after-sales service, stability, and access speed. It is best to use computer rooms in backbone node cities like Shanghai.

3. Do you make the site yourself ? Or do you pay someone else to do it ? If you do it yourself, you can do it according to your own needs or good language. The static website Dreamweaver can do it. The dynamic website can be combined with .NET , C # , etc. made. Spend hundreds of dollars or more, but there is no upper limit for this "above"

4. Filing is online.

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