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Don't be too rushed by micro-enterprises to run Weibo

Time: 2013-02-01 12:28:01 Click: 5124

With the increase of Weibo users each month, more and more companies have opened official Weibo, hoping to use this free platform to promote their own corporate brands or products. Large enterprises have strong funds and backgrounds, so they can have a professional team to manage the company's Weibo. In addition, the brand has a certain user base to pave the way, and it is easy to operate.
Because there are successful cases of the former, there are also more and more small enterprises joining the big platform of Weibo. However, many companies just publish or ignore content after the company's Weibo is launched, and complain in private that this is a game played by big brands.
Have you ever thought that although a micro enterprise does not have the resources and reputation of a large enterprise, it can also use its own unique advantages to transmit value information and establish user relationships through Weibo.
Here are some experiences summarized by the editor:
1. Don't rush into Weibo operation
If you open a corporate Weibo just to think about how to use it to advertise your brand, or use it to sell your products, then your Weibo fans will definitely be fewer and fewer. You don't even have fans (except for zombies, you can do as much as you want with money). For small businesses and small brands, fans follow you just to get value information. Because fans don't know enough about the brand, blindly promoting products will only be counterproductive. Frequent advertisements and product information not only fail to get fans, but also may cause fans to feel brand exclusion.
Although we all know that when we open corporate Weibo, we hope to use this platform to do something for brands or products, but none of these things can be rushed. Weibo operations need to come step by step and gradually build relationships with fans in order to eventually convert fans into customers. In the process of operation, you need to slowly accumulate fans. After the fans reach a certain base and loyalty, you can use some small brand activities to let fans gradually contact your products. If your product is good enough and your fan loyalty is strong enough, will you still be afraid that no one will buy yours?
2. Do not use Weibo private messages or comments to send hard messages mechanically
At the moment you are reading this article, have you tried to use Weibo private messages or reviews to mechanically send some product information to users? If so, please don't do this stupid thing anymore. Think about it, what would you do if you received this information? Are you sure you won't scold a few damn zombies for the first time, then delete the information or report it directly to the administrator? If you can only use this method to increase brand awareness or sell products, sorry, Weibo is not for you.
In most cases, Weibo marketing is doing word-of-mouth marketing. Fans of good products will not rush to share with friends. And for bad products, fans won't rush to share with friends. Therefore, the transmission of brand information plays an important role in the hearts of fans. If you send a spam message, the fans may always remember you, and you don't want them to buy your products in the future.
3. Be more active on Weibo
Don't be afraid to make comments on Weibo or participate in the interaction of others, your influence has not reached the level that can cause crisis public relations. When you first started running a corporate microblog, you may not be able to interact with you when you comment on others' microblogs or participate in group activities initiated by others. So you can often express some special opinions on some hot topics, or often comment on some influential Weibo to increase the exposure of corporate Weibo. Microgroups are also a noteworthy place. For some more active microgroups, you can post some dry goods or interesting information to share with group friends.
Although it is true to be active, you also need to pay attention to your corporate image. Here you can first build a Weibo image for the company, but you cannot represent the interests of the company from a personal standpoint, otherwise it will cause inestimable consequences and losses. Regarding some speeches that are more sensitive or represent the position of one party, it is still necessary to carefully consider whether they are suitable for publication.
4. Hear what fans think

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