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Tips for retaining talent in e-commerce startup teams

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In the Internet circle, fights and competitions are being performed every day. Every company needs to run, and startup companies need to run. With limited funds and limited resources, startups must choose the right people and do what they can and do well. How to make the entrepreneurial team run happily is not easy.
1. Be sincere to partners
The following quotes I shared in an email group some time ago: Brothers are brothers and brothers (brothers are broadly referred to, especially considering that we have nearly half of our female partners).
Observing many entrepreneurial projects, the reasons for failure, we cannot say whether there is a problem with the direction (because this is more a posteriori), but usually we will find that the team is always more or less problematic.
Reading Chinese history, those successful entrepreneurial teams have five tiger generals, 28 generals and so on. The brothers are united and their profits are cut. In the rise of entrepreneurship, every brother is a pillar of ten.
The choice of brothers, like making close friends, must have a high threshold to see if everyone really matches. But I don't quite agree with the method of measuring by seniority and big names. When Liu Bei chose Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, what were they doing ... Ability and Jiangshan were all played. The most important thing for the team is that I really want to be good to everyone and sincere. How to get along with your best friends in life, how to get along with these brothers. Personal personality is more resistant to the way that is too capitalized, and of course it can be successful.
As for how to do it, each team has different characteristics and may have its own specific method.
2. Good for everyone
People who care too much about "security" don't go to startups. In fact, the so-called stability should be "dynamic stability", which is stabilized by its true ability. Good people working in startups will never worry about having no food, and they really want to run back to a "safe" place, often "xiangxiang". I believe that many people from large companies, the boss has said, when you want to come back, feel free to find me ... people with such strength are needed by entrepreneurial teams.
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