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Optimus Network Teaching: What is a website domain name?

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Many customers who come to Optimus Network as a website will ask, what is a website domain name? How to apply for a domain name? For many people who know, domain name is actually a very simple concept, but for the convenience of most customers, I will explain to you what is a website domain name and related issues related to domain name.

What is a website domain name?

In fact, the website domain name is the URL we often say. It is a special name used to find websites on the Internet. It is similar to the familiar address and house number. After the domain name application is successful, you can access the website by binding the domain name to the space. What does it mean to bind the domain name. For example, everyone knows Baidu. You can access Baidu by typing directly in the input box when you are online, and is the domain name of Baidu, and the domain name of Optimus Network is http: / / I understand what a domain name is, let me introduce the classification of domain names

Classification of domain names

Domain names on the Internet can be described in a variety of ways, but according to the structure of domain names, domain names can be divided into two categories in general, one is called "international top-level domain" (referred to as "international domain name") and the other is called "domestic domain name" Of course, there are many uncommon domain name suffixes. The suffixes of most domain names are as follows:

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