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Sandbox-sandbox effect

Time: 2014-02-12 14:26:51 Views: 4541

In the first few months after the new station was launched, it was difficult for Google to have a good ranking or even no ranking. We call this phenomenon: Sandbox-sandbox effect.

A new website, even if it has been well optimized for SEO: rich related content, lots of high quality external links, website URL search engine friendly, website structure user friendly and so on. But in the first few months of its launch, it hardly found a good ranking on Google.

Google's Sandbox-sandbox effect generally lasts for 6 months. Within 6 months, new stations should continuously improve various aspects of SEO. After the sandbox effect, there will generally be a good ranking.

Baidu also has a "trust-building period" for new stations, which is usually 2 months. In the past two months, too much modification of the website structure and the title of the article will cause Baidu's trust in the site to decrease.

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