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What is SEO? How to understand SEO is the coolest?

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English name: Search Engine Optimization Chinese name: Search Engine Optimization

How to understand the most "cool" of SEO?

Human beings are full of interest in nature, including all her "temperaments": rain, lightning, night, high tide, and the joy and sorrow of various creatures. Over time, humans have found these "tempos" in nature seem to be traceable. As a result, people have written the laws they found about the "temper" of nature into a large book called "Science".

Obviously, people are not willing to just "science", they want to use the laws they find to control nature for the benefit of themselves. During this process, people also gave it a name, called "Technology".

Science and technology are the general term for humans to summarize the laws of nature and transform nature to benefit themselves.

Then, SEO is the general term for SEOer to summarize the rules of search engines and transform the structure and content of websites to obtain search traffic.

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