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What is Static Page-static page

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In general, we say that a URL link corresponds to a web page. When a visitor sends a request to that URL link at any time, the same web page content is returned. Such a web page can be considered a static page.

Technically, the characteristics of static pages are:

The URL link of the static page is. html, htm,. shtml,. xml is the link suffix;

A static page is a file that exists on the server, and each web page is a separate file (the content of the dynamic page is stored in the database)

When the client loads the static page, it does not operate the database, but just extracts a file directly. So static pages load much faster than dynamic pages;

Because static page content exists in the file and is stable, the inconvenience of content update is the biggest drawback of static pages. (Of course, it is a good idea to use program simulation to manually modify static pages)

From the perspective of SEO, due to the limitations of search engine technology, they currently read and crawl static pages more maturely. Therefore, the dynamic pages of many websites are generated as static pages to be better indexed by search engines. For sites that generate static pages, such as 100,000 SEO reasons, use pseudo-static methods to "deceive" search engines. This can also achieve the purpose.

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