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Discussion of SEO optimization keywords

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Many SEOERs will have the same trouble when they first joined the industry. No matter how hard they try, their keyword rankings will not get up. Even if they rank up, they will not get traffic from here. Now let ’s talk about SEO for everyone.

1. Website planning Before doing SEO, you must plan the direction of the website, determine the market share of competitors' URLs, make a long-term plan for the website, and analyze the development prospects of the website. After determining the development direction of the website, it is necessary to grasp the keywords. Do not choose keywords randomly. The wrong keywords will cause the website to freeze at the beginning, so you can only start from scratch.

2. Website positioning Locate the type of website, what kind of website do you want to do, what type of website. It mainly takes into account the enterprise industry, user groups, external factors, and so on. For example, when doing crown net football, you have to consider what groups the users are from, and put in some relevant information from their perspective.

3. Keywords Each person's search habits are different. Some people choose shorter keywords to get more search results, and some people are more willing to enter detailed keywords to get more accurate results. For example, when a user searches for a mobile phone in a search engine, many pages will appear as a result. You do n’t know whether the user searches for a mobile phone to understand the mobile phone information or to buy a mobile phone, and some users search for Xiaomi mobile phones or Samsung mobile phones, or even more detailed The richer the content and the keyword information, the more accurate the content and the more obvious the user's search motivation. Therefore, the user motivation must be grasped when making keywords.

4. Which words to start from? I believe that everyone knows some of the more popular words, and a few of them know some words that are really useful. And when we are a new site and not strong, do you choose to start with some less popular words. These unpopular words are also ignored by many large sites. Often these unpopular words are the best starting point for a new site. When you are good at these unpopular words, you will find that these words can not only bring you some traffic and weight. Sometimes it's easier to get the benefits of those hot words.

5. The keywords for the deployment of the keywords are selected, so how to assign these words to certain pages of the website is also very particular about. It's not that you make these words, then every page must be constructed and deployed, so that your entire site will look irregular. For example, your site has many categories, but the page content in each category is the same, without any substantial difference. So what's the use of so many classifications.

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