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Website Design Production Overview

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(1) Clarify the goals and user needs of the website

The design of a web site is an important way to show the corporate image, introduce products and services, and reflect the development strategy of the company. Therefore, we must clearly design the purpose of the site and the needs of the users to make a practical design plan. We will conduct a comprehensive analysis based on consumer needs, market conditions, and the situation of the enterprise itself. We will focus on the "customer" rather than "art" for design and planning.
In designing and planning we will consider:
A. What is the purpose of building a website?
B. For whom services and products are provided?
C. What products and services can the company provide?
D. What are the characteristics of the website's intended consumers and audience?
E. What kind of expression (style) is suitable for enterprise products and services?

(2) The theme of the overall design plan is clear

On the basis of clear goals, complete the site's idea and idea, that is, the overall design plan. Position the overall style and characteristics of the website and plan the organizational structure of the website.

The web site should have different forms for the service object (organization or person). Some sites only provide concise text information; others use multimedia presentations, providing gorgeous images, flashing lights, complex page layouts, and even downloading sound and video clips. Good Web sites combine graphic presentations with effective organization and communication.

In order to achieve a clear and prominent theme and clear points, we will reflect the theme of the site in simple and clear language and screens in accordance with customer requirements; we will mobilize all means to fully express the personality and interest of the site and create the characteristics of the site.

The basic components of a Web site homepage include: Header: Accurately identify your site and corporate logo; Email address: Used to receive user inquiries; Contact information: such as ordinary email address or telephone; Copyright information: Declaration of copyright Wait.

Make full use of existing information, such as customer manuals. Public Relations Document. Technical manuals and databases.

(3) Website layout design

As a visual language, webpage design pays particular attention to layout and layout. Although the design of the homepage is not the same as graphic design, they have many similarities.

The layout design expresses harmony and beauty through the spatial combination of text and graphics.

The layout of multi-page site pages requires the organic connection between pages to be reflected, and the relationship between order and content between and within pages must be handled well. In order to achieve the best visual performance, we will repeatedly consider the rationality of the overall layout, so that the viewer has a smooth visual experience.

(4) The role of color in web design

Color is one of the elements of artistic expression. In web design, our designers combine different colors according to the principles of harmony, balance and emphasis. Match to make a beautiful page. According to the influence of color on people's psychology, it should be used reasonably. If your company has CIS (Corporate Identity System), we will use color according to VI.

(5) The web form and content are unified

In order to organize the rich meaning and various forms into a unified page structure, the formal language must conform to the content of the page and reflect the rich meaning of the content.

Flexible use of means such as contrast and harmony, symmetry and balance, rhythm and rhythm, and white space to establish an overall equilibrium state through the interrelationship between space, text and graphics, creating a harmonious beauty. For example, the symmetry principle in the page design, its balance sometimes makes the page look dull, but if you add some dynamic text, patterns, or use exaggerated techniques to express the content often achieve better results. Dots, lines, and surfaces are the basic elements in visual language. They are interspersed, complemented and complemented each other to form the best page effect, fully expressing the perfect design mood.

(6) Use of multimedia functions

One of the advantages of network resources is multimedia capabilities. To attract the viewer's attention, the content of the page can be expressed by 3D animation, FLASH, etc. However, due to the limitation of network bandwidth, the transmission speed of the client has to be considered when using multimedia to present the content of the web page.

(7) Clear structure and easy to use

If people do n’t understand or have difficulty understanding your website, how does he understand your business and services? Use some eye-catching titles or text to highlight your products and services. And even if you have the best product, if customers do n’t know what you are introducing or how to benefit from your website, they will not like your website.

(8) Clear guidance

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