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E-commerce forum was successfully held

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On April 2, sponsored by Putian City Economic and Trade Commission, Putian City Council for the Promotion of International Trade (Putian International Chamber of Commerce), Analysys Business Solutions, and Fujian Internet Sky Network Technology Co., Ltd., the "Internet +" Internet era, the president's forum for smooth change Held at Kuangyuan Jinjiang International Hotel.

It is reported that the theme of this forum is "'Internet +' Interconnected Era, Homeopathic Change", and invited Mr. Tian Yan, Vice President of Beijing Analysys Business Solutions, to analyze and explain the way of e-commerce in the connected era. Mr. Tian Yan is a strategic consultant at JD Mall. He has many years of experience in strategy and marketing consulting in the Internet, TMT, and e-commerce fields, helping traditional companies leverage the Internet to realize value leap. Attracted nearly a hundred companies to participate in the scene, including Caizi Clothing Co., Ltd., Putian Youth House Sporting Goods Co., Ltd., Baili Ecological Food and other well-known companies.

The content of the forum on that day was divided into four modules. In the morning, it mainly analyzed the e-commerce trends in the connected era and how to enter the changing and rapidly expanding Internet circle. In the afternoon, it mainly explained how to apply the four major capabilities of the Internet and analyze the way of e-commerce in the connected era . The explanation of the big pattern and wisdom of Teacher Tian Yan aroused the resonance of the participating enterprises. Entrepreneurs and friends listened carefully and made a record.

During the break, the editors of Optimus Network asked the companies on the forum how they felt about the forum. Entrepreneurs and friends said that at the beginning, everyone was confused, frightened, and afraid of e-commerce. They did not know how traditional companies launched e-commerce. Lu, after a day of understanding, I know the importance of e-commerce, and also understand that e-commerce is a model innovation for today's enterprises. In the face of the e-commerce trend, you must carry a gun like a big man to revolutionize.

Before the forum, the on-site learning atmosphere was still strong. The general manager of Optimus Network saw that everyone's interest in e-commerce became stronger and more, and provided surprises to the entrepreneur friends who participated in the conference: invited entrepreneur friends to participate in the 23rd economic and trade by Putian City The "Meiyu Chaoyin · China (Putian) International Electronic Commerce Conference" hosted by the committee and other parties attracted a lot of joy on the scene.

Ms. Guo Qinglai, the general manager of Optimus Network, said that the forum is also in response to the call of the Economic and Trade Bureau and the CCPIT, and is intended to provide a small amount of power for Putian enterprises' e-commerce.

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