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"Internet +" Executive Elite Training Camp

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Cross the network divide and gain network capabilities.

Enjoy network dividends and create network glory!

Do you smell the rancidity of those traditional companies that are dying in the mall and disdain the Internet trend?

Do you see the kind of change that is happening with the help of the Internet?

Have you heard the inner screams of 618 million Chinese internet users and the fragile and powerful hearts of 302 million online shoppers ?

80% of companies are declining, 20% of them are more powerful, Nokia giant suddenly fell, Xiaomi reeled in a brilliant counterattack, Meibang bears humiliation, Inman came on stage ... Did you see it?

26.8% of companies' online sales ratio, 50% internet penetration rate, 500 million mobile phone netizens, 35 billion sales in a single day on Double Eleven, 347.3 trillion online banking transactions ... Do you and your friends know?

What does this data tell us? Yes, those who follow the net are prosperous, those who go against the net are dead! The impact of the Internet is unstoppable!

In 2014, will you be able to survive, fight back, win the Internet battle and hold the Internet? right here!

What can you learn by participating in this most powerful elite president training?

I. Strategy

1. Construct Internet thinking 2. Sort out Internet strategy

3. Plan the Internet path 4. Improve Internet leadership


1. Strategic path of e-commerce platform 2. Category planning

4 、团队建设 5、资源整合 3. Marketing promotion 4. Team building 5. Resource integration

Third, micro-commerce articles

1. Micro-e-commerce strategy and positioning 2. Micro-e-commerce application

3.Interaction design with users 4.Micro e-commerce innovation

5. Coordination of existing systems

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