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Tianmabang's "Internet +" first business district

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Connected to help create a top business circle in the Internet era

Why do Chinese group companies only have 7-8 years of life! ?

Why the average life expectancy of SMEs is only 2.9 years! ?

Why are 12,000 closed every day, and nearly 10 companies are closed every minute! ?

Why do others always have help from others, but we have nowhere to ask for help! ?

Why do many companies easily make big money for a long time, and we get up early to make money? ?

Why do Westerners only need a small amount of work to get a lot of wealth, why do we work hard but only the world factory! ?

Why do we sacrifice the environment, welfare and rest but just make wedding dresses for others. When will the old economic order end?

"Double Eleven" sales reached 35 billion a day, which is equivalent to 50% of China's average daily social retail sales. Suning is "easy to buy", Belle is "good to buy", Metersbonwe has "bought to buy", and New Oriental has also opened up an online market ... The transformation of traditional enterprises to e-commerce is imminent, waiting is death. Tianma Gang emerged at the historic moment, and is committed to using the power of the system to help traditional enterprises quickly acquire Internet thinking and quickly occupy the market.

Core Value of Tianma Gang

Building Internet Thinking:

Through the analysis of typical cases and special seminars with Tianma's mentor and excellent student companies, you can quickly develop your Internet thinking. Between interconnections, capacity is great! Under the interconnection, the desire is dead!

Forming an Internet Strategy:

Through a comprehensive range of policies and Internet trends to help you form an Internet development strategy. Enter the army to make a plan, followed by the affair, followed by the corps, and then attack the city!

Matching Internet Resources:

According to your business needs, Tianmabang helps you to connect with high-quality platform resources, provide exclusive cooperation resources, and obtain scarce channel resources in the Internet. Resource sharing, complementary advantages, interoperability, and cooperative development!

Plan your Internet path:

Through the interactive guidance of authoritative expert coaches and mentors in the Tianmabang business circle, a more judgmental basis for decision-making is obtained. Adopt the plan, and take less wrong!

Pegasus Teacher

Chen Quansheng Counselor

Liu Qiangdong CEO Jingdong Mall

Founder of Lei Jun Xiaomi Technology

Zhou Hongyi Chairman Qihoo 360

Founder of Li Guoqing Dangdang

Chairman of Eagle Lord

Gu Yongzhang President Youku Tudou

Ye Peng Vice President Alibaba

Founder of Zhang Tao

Wu Sheng Executive Secretary China Electronic Commerce Association

Founder of Jin Cuodao Micro Innovation Research Center

Li Bin General Manager Suning Tesco

member benefits

Teacher lecture:

Opportunities to participate in high-end lectures organized by Tianma Gang with corporate leaders and authoritative experts as guests

Symposium and theme interactive sharing:

Participate in the policy interpretation, special seminars, interactive theme sharing, summit forums and provide a platform for in-depth interaction

Enterprise inspection:

Opportunities to participate in a successful e-commerce business trip organized by Tianma Gang

Exclusive information publishing, sharing and communication platform:

EasyView, official Weibo, official WeChat. Based on the Internet and mobile Internet, get highly selective, high-value and concentration of cutting-edge information recommended by more discriminating expert teams and entrepreneur members every day

Exclusive social tools for members:

Based on the Internet and mobile Internet, participate in the discussion of the most important issues of the decision-making crowd every day and obtain value from it

According to the relevant rules of Tianma Gang, members can initiate activities on the Tianma Gang platform and make friends

Special highlights

1. Members can participate in the "5 Kai" series of activities that are held from time to time for free. No less than 8 events per year, limited places, please pay attention to customer service notification details.

2. Members enjoy a 50% discount to participate in the "Economic Business Training" series of activities. Such as: "Successful E-commerce Practical Class", "E-Commerce Platform Class", "Micro-E-Commerce Class", "Internet Thinking Strategy Class", etc.

3. Members are given priority to get customized consulting and coaching services from Analysys Business Solutions.

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