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Optimus Network Supports Life for Love Action

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Help life, warm campus!
Action for love, Xi Bin come on!

It is understood that in February of this year, Xi Bin, a student of the 11th physical education in Putian College, suddenly felt unbearable waist pain, accompanied by dizziness and vomiting. After examination, he suffered from congenital spinal blood vessel malformations and subarachnoid hemorrhage. This condition is extremely rare, with only three cases nationwide, and there are currently no effective research protocols and treatments for this disease.

At present, the latest illness of Xi Bin's classmates: swollen spinal cord with small tumors, the doctor determined that it may be a spinal cord disease; but the specific cause is still being examined, and the treatment is extremely difficult; both eyes are blind, and tracheotomy is required for breathing. At present, it costs about 10,000 yuan a day.

After learning about this situation, Optimus Network Technology Co., Ltd. extended a helping hand and set up a point in the Central, South and North districts together with Putian College Information Institute yesterday to pray for the students of Xibin! I hope that a little help can help Xi Bin students, and call on more classmates and friends to "act for love".

Yesterday, there was no class for the students, but many students came to the donation office to give their love after knowing this activity. A female classmate told Xiaotian Xiaobian: "Love relays, spread positive energy. As long as everyone gives a little love, I believe that Xi Bin will have a better tomorrow."

Ms. Guo Qinglai, the general manager of Optimus Network, said: Donating roses is a gift, and I hope my friends can dedicate love, cheer for Xibin, and cheer for life.

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