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The first Anfu e-commerce public welfare training course outdoor development activities

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At 9:00 am on March 29, 2015, Beijing time, the first Anfu e-commerce incubation base public welfare training class held an outdoor communication and expansion event.
In the song of "Run", we drove to the foot of the mountain. In the next few kilometers, the trainees helped each other and helped the trainees who were unable to move up the mountain together. When everyone reached the top of the mountain sweating, after a short rest, we were greeted by the joy of tasting freshly picked tadpoles from the farmhouse, and the male students formed a "catch chicken team" to pound the henhouse and catch it in nature. Pheasants; female trainees are deciding on the spring water to wash vegetables and cook soup; accompanied by childhood jokes interspersed with jokes, in front of them is a peaceful scene of happiness. Finally, thanksgiving before dinner and sharing photos, let everyone deeply integrate into this big family that loves and loves one family.
The event was co-ordinated by Ms. Guo Qinglai, General Manager of Fujian Optimus Network Co., Ltd., and Lecturer Chen from WeChat and Lecturer Zhan from Taobao. Team Leader Liu, Secretary Qi, and Team Leader Shi and Team Leader took into account the dynamics of the students. In the positive atmosphere of the organization, the execution of the class committee, and the mutual help and enjoyment among the students, Anfu E-commerce's first public welfare training class student development activities successfully approached nature on the "Internet +" road and strengthened their bodies. At the same time, strengthen the cohesion of the first public welfare e-commerce training course in nature. The trainees expressed their hope that more such public welfare activities will extend our Taobao and WeChat courses to life, be close to nature, integrate love, learn together, progress together, and become rich!

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