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Putian Anfu e-commerce public welfare talent training course officially starts

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At 9 o’clock on the morning of April 20th, the second phase of Anfu E-commerce Public Welfare Training Center's micro-business training was held in the e-commerce training room of Fujian Optimus Network Technology Co., Ltd. Headquarters. Train senior lecturer Lin Yuanli and lecturer Chen Biqin who has rich practical experience to attend the opening ceremony.

After the host's welcome speech, General Manager Guo of Fujian Qingtian Network Technology Co., Ltd. made a special report on the class. She systematically introduced the second training course of the Wechat of Putian E-commerce Incubation Base Welfare Training Center from the aspects of "personal experience explanation, company background, purpose of holding public welfare training, first overview, grateful government support, lecturer team introduction" and other aspects. Status and outlook. The report was generous and easy to understand, which made students have a deeper understanding of e-commerce. Immediately after that, teacher Lin Yuanli, the class teacher of the second training course of Wechat Wechat, selected the class committee and summarized the class. He hoped that students would cherish this training opportunity, improve the spirit of innovation, increase employment skills, and add more new forces to the development of e-commerce in Fujian Province. In the atmosphere of positive learning, we started the second training course of public welfare micro-business of our Putian e-commerce incubation base.

It is reported that through Putian e-commerce incubation base public welfare training, Fujian Qingtian Network Technology Co., Ltd. general manager strives to train 1,000 e-commerce professionals this year and focus on supporting 100 home appliance business enterprises. The whole people have mastered the basic technology of e-commerce, spreading it to Putian's e-commerce land like Tinder, and learning together, progressing and developing together!

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