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The first stop of WeChat public welfare tour of 100 schools: Meizhou Bay Vocational and Technical College

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Create an exclusive WeChat platform and lead a new era of WeChat marketing. On May 22, a 100-school micro-business entrepreneurial public welfare tour hosted by Fujian Qingtian Network Technology Co., Ltd. kicked off at Meizhou Bay Vocational College. This activity strengthened the self-confidence for college students' entrepreneurship and employment, a more intuitive understanding and clear thinking about future development, and helped college students become the talents needed by society more quickly!

At the event, Ms. Guo Qinglai, the general manager of Optimus Network, and the school's leader Zheng Jian and all the students from the School of Information Engineering, face-to-face with two well-known micro-business lecturers to interpret the latest platform rules, see the most benchmark cases, and explore the industry in the open of micro-business trend. This interactive public class is sharing micro marketing concepts and micro marketing models with many students. Through the lecturer's sharing of successful cases and the way the host explained the micro marketing products, everyone can fully experience and understand the powerful functions of the WeChat platform. Unlimited business opportunities from marketing. Created a good platform for college students to start a business.

The atmosphere of the training course was enthusiastic and the links were compact. The interactive links interspersed the atmosphere of the course to a climax. I hope that students can discuss and exchange experience from time to time, actively learn more about the relevant issues of WeChat platform from the lecturers, and be able to create their own wealth and realize their dreams on the path of WeChat!

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