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Optimus Network is twelve years old!

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Flick your fingers for twelve years. On August 6, 2015, we Fujian Optimus Network Technology Co., Ltd. ushered in his twelfth birthday.

Yesterday, Guo Qinglai, the general manager of Fujian Qingtian Network Technology Co., Ltd. personally led the entire team to go out to celebrate the company's 12th birthday together. The scorching sun couldn't resist our steps. At eight o'clock in the morning, the entire team set off from the company and headed to Fuqing No. 1 Drifting Tour. The full day of the trip has further enhanced the friendship between the departments and departments, employees and employees. In a common Optimus Enterprise Song, the entire team is integrated into the Optima family. We sing together, play water sticks together, light candles together, sing birthday songs together, cut cakes together ...

Time is like shuttle, time is like song .

12 years, let newborn babies grow into healthy youth;

12 years, let the slender saplings grow into towering trees;

In 12 years, he has achieved a harmonious team of self-improvement-Optimus Network.

12 years of struggle , 12 years of growth, 12 years of accumulation, 12 years of friendship, 12 years of contribution.

Twelve years is only a brief moment in the long history, but for Optimus Network, it is rich and heavy.

Since the establishment of Optimus Network, in the ever-changing Internet market, dreams and gains, opportunities and creation have been cycled again and again, and have achieved the growth history of Optimus Network.

In order to celebrate the company's 12th anniversary and give back to the support of new and old customers, Optimus Network also provides various preferential policies for everyone. The preferential policies are limited to this month. For details, please consult 0594-2267777 or company business personnel.

Twelve spring and autumn, twelve years of wind and rain. Twelve years of sincere hand-in-hand , twelve years of close cooperation, twelve years of dedicated service, twelve years of ups and downs, and twelve years of roads, although the wind and rain continue, but the Qingtian network's ships always move forward! The road of twelve years has gone through bumps, but miracles have always been with us!

With you and my hard work, with you and my hard work, Qingtian Network is willing to work together with the world's enterprises to create greater glories!

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