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Develop key service industries and conduct in-depth business research

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On the morning of September 15th, Jiang Zhixiong, deputy mayor of Putian Municipal Government, led the person in charge of relevant municipal departments, conducted in-depth research on Fujian Qingtian Network Technology Co., Ltd., and visited the office environment, e-commerce training incubation training room and other venues to coordinate and guide problem.

Fujian Qingtian Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a network technology company integrating Internet development, network operation, software development, mobile terminal mall system development, and Internet services. Adhering to the "customer first, forge ahead" business philosophy, adhere to the "customer first" principle to provide our customers with quality services.

In Fujian Qingtian Network Technology Co., Ltd., Jiang Zhixiong inspected the operation of the company and talked with the person in charge of the company face-to-face, emphasizing that in the local Internet field and serving local e-commerce companies, e-commerce talent cultivation and youth entrepreneurship training, etc. Better breakthroughs to promote local entrepreneurship and innovation. It is hoped that enterprises will make full use of their many years of Internet experience and technical advantages, as well as the current "Internet +" great trend, to make greater achievements, and encourage our company to provide key services for local small and medium enterprises, bigger and stronger, our company leaders Listen carefully to suggestions.

Our company has independently developed an independent comprehensive distribution and online shopping transaction platform. Both enterprises and individuals can display, promote and sell products through the platform to achieve online access and transactions.

Vice Mayor Jiang Zhixiong expressed his strong support for Internet companies and e-commerce companies to clarify the development direction, seize favorable opportunities, promote rapid development of enterprises, and become a key service industry.

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