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"Working together to create brilliant" — 13th anniversary of Optimus Network

Time: 2016-08-15 17:12:16 Click: 2378

6日,为了热烈庆祝福建省擎天网络科技有限公司成立十三周年,为了 激励 擎天的团队 ,鼓舞 员工的 斗志,增强 公司的 凝聚力 和集体荣誉感,擎天创始人郭总带领整体团队参与擎天网络十三周年庆团队拓展活动。 On August 6 , 2016, in order to warmly celebrate the thirteenth anniversary of the establishment of Fujian Optimus Network Technology Co., Ltd., in order to inspire Optimen's team , inspire employees' fighting spirit, and enhance the company's cohesion and collective sense of honor, President Optimus Guo Lead the overall team to participate in the team development activities of the 13th anniversary of Optimus Network.

实力不相上下,各有千秋,大家带着生活和工作中的问题,在活动中感悟不一样的精彩,活动主要分为分为四大环节: Outreach activities are in full swing. This activity is divided into three groups of PKs, with equal strengths, each with its advantages. Everyone brings problems in life and work, and feels different in the activities. The activities are mainly divided into four major Link:

The first link is "adjust 150"

150 秒时间内完成任务。 The project uses a combination of several competitive activities to adopt a competition method, requiring the team to strive to complete the task within 150 seconds. In the process, through practice and the team's overall arrangement of the entire competitive process, the internal friction of the team is reduced, and the combat effectiveness and competitiveness of the entire team is improved.

1. Passionate beats

2. Don't fall over the forest

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