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good news! "Win-Win Internet" practical public welfare training, hot registration!

Time: 2016-08-15 17:43:33 Click: 2234

全程不收取任何费用) From August 20th to August 21st, the "Common Winning Internet" practical public welfare training is about to start, and the registration is hot (there is no charge for the whole process) !

安福电商城管委会主办,福建省擎天网络科技有限公司承办 This public welfare training was guided by the Putian Municipal Bureau of Commerce and hosted by the Anfu Electric Mall Management Committee, and was undertaken by Fujian Qingtian Network Technology Co., Ltd.

,特邀请互联网各领域实战操盘专家,为您的企业和自主创业者免费提供两天全免费互联网+公益培训 ,主要内容涉及:传统企业如何借助互联网+转型升级,企业及自主创业者如何开展移动电商、如何让微信朋友圈价值百万,快速爆粉的108种方法,如何通过微信快速赢销裂变市场,名额有限,名额有限,先报先得! This month is also the anniversary of Optimus Network Technology. We invite experts in various fields of the Internet to provide free two days of free Internet + public welfare training for your business and self-employed entrepreneurs. The main content involves: how traditional companies use the Internet + transformation Upgrade, how companies and independent entrepreneurs launch mobile e-commerce, how to make WeChat circle of friends worth one million, 108 ways to quickly explode, how to quickly sell fission market through WeChat, quota is limited, quota is limited, first come first served!

What are you waiting for? Quickly scan the QR code and pay attention to the "Qingtian Technology" public account, click the registration entrance to register! !! !!

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