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What is the difference between custom website development and website templates?

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When an enterprise prepares to make its own corporate website or other types of websites, or for those who are new to website construction, it is difficult to understand the core differences between template websites and custom-developed websites. What is the core difference between custom website development and template websites? Gongyi Yunji Network Co., Ltd. tells you that the core differences are quality, function, personalization, copyright, and price.

First, the difference in price

When many companies or individuals are building websites, they will probe multiple online companies, asking questions from quotation to design . Many friends put the price first. 定制开发价格肯定要比模板网站高,因为定制开发的网站不管从人力成本、还是开 发成本都是很高的,价格自然要高,而模板网站因为网站设计页面与功能千篇一律 ,都是现存的相同的,所以价格低。 Everyone should know that for a penny of a dollar, the price of custom development for website construction is definitely higher than for a template website, because a custom developed website is very expensive in terms of labor costs and development costs. The price is naturally higher, and the template Because the website design pages and functions are the same, the website is the same, so the price is low.

Second, the difference in quality

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