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Summary of frequently asked questions about corporate website construction

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The website is a good brand promotion platform for the enterprise, and it is also an entrance to the sales channel. The website is the standard for the enterprise. As a network company, the person in charge of the company is often contacted to inquire about issues related to website construction. The following Fujian Qingtian Network Technology Co., Ltd. answers many questions about website construction:

What is the process of corporate website construction?
A website consists of a domain name, a host (virtual hosting), and a website program. The general steps for building a corporate website are as follows:

1. Website positioning, function, interface style, etc.

2. Registration of domain names, purchase of virtual hosts, configuration of domain name hosts, and adjustment procedures to launch websites;

3. Website production (website art design, front-end production, back-end development);

4. Website testing and delivery.

How much does it cost to build a corporate website?
This piece should be more concerned by all enterprises. The general requirements, functions and types are different (except for template websites). The price of corporate website production is also different. According to previous experience, the average medium-sized corporate website production cost is 3500-6500 yuan. If it is a responsive website, the price is twice that of this base; if the company's official website is accompanied by a mall development, the average price is more than 10,000. If the entire website is needed, the computer website + mobile phone + WeChat website. The production is more difficult, and the quotations are all above 30,000.
How to choose an internet company?
Choice is often confusing. How to choose an Internet company? Mainly look at four points: planning ability, design ability, technical level, optimization ability. Specific details can be found in: How do companies choose a marketing website construction company?
Choose a local network company or a field?
If it is a relatively simple website construction service, you can also choose a foreign network company. However, if you want to build a corporate station with complex functions, Optimus Networks recommends that it be a local network company. why? Because the biggest difference between a local network company and a foreign network company is communication. As a large and medium-sized website construction project, continuous communication between the company and the network company is required to complete it.

What information does the company need to provide?
In the initial stage of website construction, records need to be filed, personal information of the person in charge of the enterprise is required, and related information and product-related information of the enterprise are required. For details about what information companies need to provide, you can refer to: Information required for enterprise website construction and website construction process.
How long does it take to build a corporate website?
The production time of the corporate website will also vary according to different functions and contents. The general production time is about one week to one month.

Summary: The above is the "Summary of Frequently Asked Questions on Enterprise Website Construction" prepared by Fujian Optimus Network Technology Co., Ltd. for you. Once the website is set up, there is another very important link: website optimization and promotion. Only when the website is promoted can it become the front of brand promotion and sales. For website optimization related information, please enter Fujian Optimus Network official website for inquiries. (Http://

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