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How much does it cost to build a corporate website?

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The quotation of corporate website construction costs has always been one of the most important issues for companies when making websites. The prices given by various network construction companies also range from several hundred yuan to millions of yuan, and there are no quotations on the market. A unified standard. This is a headache for some companies that are new to website construction. It ’s not worth the price, and it ’s not cheap. The reason for this confusion is nothing more than an accurate positioning and planning of your company's website, not knowing where the money should be spent.


Why cheap websites are not reliable
First, cheap websites usually use cheap and non-compliant domain names. Such domain names often inexplicably jump to other websites, and the losses to enterprises are inestimable.

Second, in order to save costs, these service providers will use some substandard space to store the customer's website. Then the browsing speed, stability, and data security of the website cannot be guaranteed.

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