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Internet + sharing economy creates blue ocean of new service market

Time: 2017-06-16 17:48:39 Click: 2188

The impact of the mobile Internet on traditional industries is not a bit, it can be said that it is a complete disruption. Through the Internet, customers and businesses can directly dock, and the high-speed flow of information makes the entire society more flat and de-intermediate, and the customer experience has become More and more intuitive. The Internet era has created " pan-service " of products and cross-border integration with other industries, which not only promoted the advent of the pan-intelligence era that relies on Internet platforms to a certain extent, but also brought new challenges to the service industry .

Service, in simple terms, is a process of satisfying customer needs. User needs are the prerequisite for driving service generation. When service is no longer a professional field, but a comprehensive product carrier, traditional service methods are slowly Being squeezed out of the category of services by "Internet + Services", for the service industry itself, this is an inevitable product under the pressure of market competition . As for the connection function of the Internet, with the strengthening of the scope and depth of the connection, the information flow pattern of the social system has changed, and the role of the Internet in the service industry has become increasingly prominent. On the one hand, the traditional service industry must adhere to some inherent characteristics of its industry. On the other hand, it is necessary to use the Internet to reform and innovate the development direction and channels of enterprises. Only in this way will it not appear so passive in the Internet tide.

In the era of Internet +, in the future, the traditional service industry centered on user needs will be more accessible to the people and meet the individual needs of users. Internet services are not only a means and tools, they can greatly change the existing sales to a certain extent. , Marketing, and other models; if we consider services as a large dimension covering "all products", then the "flow" of services may be evolving in a new direction. Demands are constantly generated, and new experiences are constantly created to precisely match the needs of the public.

Some Internet industry experts boldly speculate that in the future, with the spread of Internet + to other industries, whether it is the service industry, the financial industry or other industries, the "pan-service" situation will change the competition rules and survival methods of various industries, and ultimately allow All products have become services, and all services have also become products. However, whether it is " product service " or " service product " , demand drives service, and when there is demand, services will be generated. Only when there is demand can we continuously create new ones. Form of service. The Internet + service matrix is being laid out. When the traditional enterprise and Internet integration and transformation are underway, whoever takes the lead in occupying the commanding heights will have the most voice in the blue ocean of the Internet + service market.

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