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The general process of Internet + rural areas and its phased results

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With the advancement of information technology in the countryside, the relationship between the Internet and the countryside is getting closer and closer. "Three peasants" such as agriculture, rural areas and farmers meet the "sun and white snow" of the Internet. Entered a new era of information technology. Grasping the opportunity of the Internet + is of great significance to further promote the transformation of agricultural and rural development methods and improve the well-being of farmers.

When the Internet of cities rose up violently, although the rural areas woke up later, they also showed a positive attitude of embracing the Internet and changed little by little. There are several time important time nodes:

I. Popularization at the beginning of the century In 2004, the Ministry of Agriculture led the implementation of the first round of electronic information into rural projects across the country. The main content is that telecommunications, mobile, and China Unicom share the responsibility of each person, pulling a network cable for each village, a computer, and training one person. However, these sites are basically gone now. This kind of government-driven projects would not have strong vitality without the integration of farmers.

Second, online sales of agricultural products

In 2008, a wave of online access to agricultural products appeared. Because Taobao's development has been relatively stable at this time, agricultural products have become another big online category that everyone can see. There have been a number of "rural top 100 online merchants" from 2008 to 2010, including Jack Ma leading the United States to knock on the market. Zhong's several rural e-commerce representatives. This is also an era when agricultural products are happy, because there are few sellers and no special artists are needed, and natural sales are good.

Third, fresh e-commerce touched the net In 2010, fresh e-commerce began to rise. To date, it can be roughly divided into three stages of exploration. The first stage, with the vegetable market PK. I thought that the use of e-commerce, a new form of retail, could set off a revolution in selling vegetables. The ending was simple and completely defeated. The second stage is small and beautiful. Imitating vertical e-commerce, with a unique product, excellent quality, and perfect service to achieve a relatively fixed and relatively large customer base, higher customer unit prices and more repeated purchase rates. In the third stage, a new continent is discovered. Recognizing that agricultural products are really different from industrial products, it is necessary to work hard on cost control and quality assurance. It is inevitable to be an industrial chain, and we must strive to reduce costs rather than simply overpaying to achieve profit. However, it is worthwhile to be wary of investing in terminals such as community convenience stores, distribution stations, and fresh-keeping containers. The investment costs and the ultimate cost-effectiveness results need to be observed.

4. E-commerce elements gathered in rural areas In 2012, Taobao Village was born. On the surface, Taobao Village is a very strange phenomenon. "Born in the countryside but not a farmer." Although rural people are selling things, more than 90% of Taobao Village sells industrial products. The main reason for its formation is low cost. . By 2016, the number of Taobao villages in the country had reached 1311, and Taobao Town also appeared, with more than 800,000 employees, which can be said to be the revival of rural industry and commerce in the Internet era.

V. E-commerce going to the countryside accelerated In 2014, rural e-commerce broke out across the board. Led by e-commerce companies such as Alibaba,, Suning, and other regional e-commerce platforms such as Hurricane, Lecuntao, and Taobao, as well as the entry of "national teams" such as postal, supply, and marketing, a vigorous e-commerce business began The village movement has so far established more than 300,000 village-level sites. The general model is to establish a site or agency at the village level. You can buy things online and then deliver them to the village. You can also pay, pay for tickets and other services online. The design of selling goods at the grassroots level has not been well realized.

Although the Internet + rural area has just begun, it has exploded and has made positive progress in several areas.

I. Agricultural onlineization has reached a considerable magnitude. There are 35,000 agricultural websites, 4,000 agricultural e-commerce platforms, and the agricultural Internet has begun to flourish. Agricultural-sourced e-commerce has also become popular.

2. The popularization of rural Internet applications has achieved gratifying results. 201 million farmers have access to the Internet, 120 million farmers are shopping online, 8 million rural online stores have been launched, and more than 99% of rural areas have Internet access.

Third, the Internet access of agricultural products continues to accelerate

At present, the total online retail sales of agricultural products is about 200 billion yuan (the data reported by the Ministry of Commerce is 150 billion yuan, and social research institutions are estimated to range from 160 to 220 billion yuan). Among them, the emergence of agricultural micro-businesses and fresh e-commerce New models such as continuous innovation of agricultural products, rapid development of cross-border e-commerce for agricultural products, and the rise of agricultural products B2B are also emerging.

Fourth, e-commerce began to transform the countryside. As e-commerce entered the countryside, it brought some new changes to the countryside, such as the convenience of life and the return of young talents to the countryside. New forms of business such as e-commerce poverty alleviation and rural tourism poverty alleviation have brought many rural areas. Variety. The changes that e-commerce brings to the countryside are not only economic, but also social, such as Taobao Village. When young people return, there are no left-behind children, left-behind women, and left-behind old people. This village is much more harmonious than before.

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