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Post-90s "Internet + Yam" Get Rich Rich folks taste the sweetness of getting rich

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Standing in the lush yam plantation, Zheng Yadong, who had just returned from studying, looked far away, and his Internet + agricultural dream was one step closer. You can hardly imagine that this handsome boy born in the 90s who has a beautiful appearance, a thin figure and a strong temperament has been rooted in Dahongqiao Township, Wuzhi County for almost three years, and let the local specialty of yam catch the Internet express It has become a model of the local new agricultural economy, and it has also made the folks taste the sweetness of getting rich through the Internet wave.

Idyllic Dream catches the Internet Express

Different from college graduates flocking to big cities, Zheng Yadong wanted to return to the promising rural areas. In 2011, he passed the Henan Province College Student Volunteer Service Program and was assigned to Lankao County. Unfortunately, just two months later, the organization department of the Henan Provincial Communist Party Committee selected him to work in Hangzhou as a youth liaison service for Henan nationals in Zhejiang. In Hangzhou, Zheng Yadong was exposed to the cutting-edge Internet ecosystem. The bustling urban and agricultural dream seemed to be drifting away. In 2014, the Organization Department of the Henan Provincial Party Committee selected outstanding young people to go to the countryside. Zheng Yadong came to work in Dahongqiao Township, Wuzhi County as a transfer candidate.

An experience of buying yam made him understand the turmoil of the yam in the country of origin-spraying highly toxic pesticides, applying bulking agents, low price competition, lack of well-known brands, low added value, and single sales. He was distressed and suddenly found the direction of struggle. Therefore, around the Spring Festival in 2015, he began to visit local farmers, and began to walk between Beijing, Zhengzhou, Hangzhou, and Jiaozuo to find friends from different industries to discuss the cracking technique.

In the end, Zheng Yadong ’s land complex finally found his home—recruiting “landlords”, subscribing the land, and managing the villagers on their behalf, letting “Internet + Agriculture” shine here.

Issued yam "landlord" convening order

At 2 pm on July 25, 2015, Zheng Yadong issued the first yam "landlord" solicitation order through a circle of friends. In less than 24 hours, 16 "landlords" were recruited. The victory of the first battle surprised Zheng Yadong. 用“互联网+”模式,解决了销路问题,郑亚东从源头上明确了种植山药的新理念——不用化肥,不打农药,人工拔草。 Using the "Internet +" model to solve the problem of sales, Zheng Yadong clarified the new concept of yam cultivation from the source-no fertilizer, no pesticides, and manual weeding. He organized the "landlords" to participate in labor offline and the online live broadcast growth process to let the "landlords" witness the entire process of yam growth. At present, the offline "Landlords Conference" has been successfully held for two sessions, and the remote monitoring equipment has also been successfully installed. The "Landlords" can monitor in real time around the clock. The acres were paid in time, and the villagers worked harder in the field. In each exclusive land, the personal business card and customized information of the “landlord” are clearly marked, and more and more “landlord” exclusive cards are standing in the field.

Root down and grow up

Zheng Yadong named the public welfare entrepreneurship project "Village and Liangtian", hoping to realize his dream of "the village and village have good fields, and households can get rich." At present, the project has sold nearly 300 tons of yam and achieved economic benefits of more than 5 million yuan. Exploration was written into the government work report of the First Session of the Fourteenth People's Congress of Wuzhi County in 2017, and he was also named as one of the top ten outstanding youth in Jiaozuo City in 2017.

At present, building a "village and good field" planting base is a basic task. Let the new farm-type youth agricultural cooperatives replicate and promote, attract more "landowners" to join, drive farmers, and promote income growth. In addition, Zheng Yadong perfected the construction of the e-commerce portal and established the Yam O2O e-commerce trading platform. At present, "Village and Liangtian" has opened an online trading platform and an offline experience center, and "customized agriculture" and "subscription sales" have been paid more and more attention, spread and praise by more and more people.

Zheng Yadong's dream is far more than that: Deeply dig the value of yam agriculture and deep-process yam products; actively cooperate offline with catering companies to discuss and increase the added value of yam; rely on yam plantations, integrate with surrounding tourist attractions, and carry out yam-themed picking Experience and other tourism and sightseeing projects; carry out the development of yam culture, packaging and brand promotion, and push the local yam brand and culture to a wider stage ...

Over the past three years, Zheng Yadong has deeply rooted in the hot soil of Dahongqiao Township, Wuzhi County. The mud of shoes and trousers tells the simplicity of the land. He spends his youth sweat on the field and uses his perseverance to let the dream exude soil fragrance. Zheng Yadong said that life is like a yam egg, and rooting downwards can grow upwards. "I hope that if we are in the countryside, we will be able to bring real benefits and help to the common people like yam. We will use wisdom and hands to build the golden bridge of wealth in the countryside. The vast rural market will attract more people to return home and start businesses. Realize rural prosperity and civilization. "

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