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"Internet + Railway Takeaway" tastes and word of mouth are important

来源:中华铁道网 作者:黄嘉慧 点击:1792 Time: 2017-08-16 17:29:46 Source: China Railway Network Author: Huang Jiahui Hits: 1792

"The taste is not bad" "The delivery time is fairly punctual" "Compared to the high-speed rail box lunch, first-class bar" "It is too few types" ... After searching for many netizens' evaluations, on the 14th, the first financial reporter took G83 The train traveled from Beijing to Changsha and experienced the legendary "high-speed rail takeaway". (China Business Daily August 16)

High-speed iron box lunch has always been unheard of, with average taste, single variety, and high price. Despite the continuous innovation and improvement of the iron and steel company, subject to objective factors such as closed spaces and operating costs, train catering services have always failed to meet the needs of people's tongues. Nowadays, the iron and steel corporation has introduced the "Internet +" business model, opened the railway Internet ordering platform to social catering enterprises, and put the catering foods that have won after the market competition on the Internet for passengers to choose on their own. After placing the order, the restaurant will prepare the meals and deliver them to the station in advance. When the train arrives, the staff will deliver them to the carriages. Passengers can taste the special cuisines along the route by just moving their fingers. The time of month has been satisfied by the passengers.

In fact, in the connected era, any closed operation is unwelcome and unsustainable. China's high-speed rail is an important sign of China's rapid development. In the environment of high-speed rail's substantial quality improvement, if the supporting catering services are still in a traditional closed operation, this will obviously affect the overall image and service quality of China's high-speed rail. The launch of the "Online Ordering Service" of Tiechang not only meets the dietary needs of tourists and realizes the diversification of catering supply. It can also force suppliers to improve service levels through market competition mechanisms to improve the overall quality of catering services and corporate image. In addition, opening the railway Internet ordering platform to social catering companies is also a test for the Internet, socialization, and marketization of railway services, which can enhance the platform effect of railways and tap more business opportunities.

The "window" of high-speed rail catering opening to the outside world is believed to continue to be welcomed and praised by more passengers. Of course, high-speed rail catering is open to the public, and it cannot be left alone without supervision. In view of this, the author hopes that the railway can assume the responsibility for monitoring the quality and safety of "takeaway" food and ensure that the "takeaway" entering the high-speed rail cars are safe and reliable. Of course, in such a huge project that serves billions of passengers a year, no one can guarantee that there will be no problem. Before experiencing the Internet + high-speed rail meal ordering products, people will inevitably be worried about the quality, hygiene, and safety of the catering, but in the context of the market-oriented road, the railway sector needs more and better services To win the market, we must not only pay attention to the taste of takeaway, but also the reputation of passengers is the key.

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