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New technologies such as artificial intelligence accelerate the application of smart logistics 2.0 era is fully opening

来源:中国经济网 作者:董文博 点击:1628 Time: 2017-08-18 11:15:22 Source: China Economic Net Author: Dong Wenbo Hits: 1628

In recent years, with the rapid development of e-commerce, the demand for social logistics has continued to rise. Driven by the "Internet +" innovation, new technologies such as intelligent distribution robots, automatic cargo sorting systems, and intelligent customer service are triggering a new round of intelligent changes in the logistics industry. The competition in the logistics industry in the future will be the competition in the level of automation, and the era of smart logistics 2.0 is in full swing.

The promotion of efficient and intelligent logistics requires the support of electronic information technology. Du Wei, the IT director of Leap Express Group Co., Ltd., said that although the logistics and express delivery industry is a traditional industry, in order to adapt to the development of the new era, it is necessary to deeply study smart logistics. Today, intelligent electronic products are widely used in the logistics industry, such as intelligent sorting machines, drones, robots and other technology products have emerged in the logistics industry.

Du Wei believes that artificial intelligence will have a series of far-reaching effects on the development of the industry. The competition in the future industry must be the competition of automation level, which determines the core competitiveness of the enterprise in the future. For example, in the future, intelligent customer service may replace manual customer service, powerful scenario database and big data analysis, so that intelligent customer service can help customers solve problems quickly, and have the ability to receive tens of thousands of people at the same time and work online 24/7. On the other hand, intelligent distribution robots will also be widely used. They can intelligently identify obstacles, predict physical trajectories, re-plan movement routes, and take elevators up and down stairs.

According to reports, in recent years, the annual investment in technology research and development across express transportation has exceeded 100 million yuan, and automated operations have been implemented in multiple logistics links. The company's self-developed ERP logistics system can be connected with the airport information system once every 5 seconds to 10 seconds, and real-time information on flight punctuality can be obtained. At present, over 200 software copyright applications have been filed across Express Mail, promoting the industry's transition from labor-intensive to smart-intensive.

Xiao Ruilan, President of Leapfrog Express Sales, said that in order to quickly and timely meet the transportation needs of e-commerce enterprises, major logistics and express delivery must strengthen their own technology, reduce operating costs, and improve service quality. For the first time in China, Express Express made a commitment to customers in the country of "not reaching the time limit, full refund", and was the first to launch three major time-limited products: "same day delivery, next day delivery, and next day delivery". Today, Leapfrog Express has multiple night charter flights, tens of thousands of employees, tens of thousands of transport vehicles and more than 3,000 direct sales outlets across the country.

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