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Haier launches internet user management system

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A few years ago there was a very famous bet.

Wanda Group Wang Jianlin and Alibaba Ma Yun bet to discuss whether e-commerce can exceed 50% in the Chinese retail market and lose to the winning 100 million. Just after this end, Wang Jianlin at the other end began to plan for Wanda e-commerce and vigorously build a "Wanda member system", which is regarded as the first step for traditional businesses to enter the Internet e-commerce. In Wang Jianlin's view, the core of Wanda e-commerce is members, and the most valuable place is the passenger flow of Wanda Plaza nationwide.

"On average, more than a billion people enter Wanda Plaza each year, with an average of 20 million people per square." Wang Jianlin mentioned the huge passenger flow of Wanda Plaza, both happy and sorry, these passengers passed through Wanda, but did not stay. The mission of the Wanda membership system is to deposit 100 million members in 3-5 years.

As the world's number one brand of white goods, Haier's products have entered millions of households. Over the past 30 years, there have been more than 100 million global customers accumulated, and how to turn customers who shop into consumers into consumers and then become "life users" with full-process interaction. This is a big challenge. In this context, Haier took the opportunity of 2017AWE to release the industry's first user management system, which is called "Haier Internet User Management System".

The "traditional manufacturing" in the impression creates an Internet user management system, and Haier's move is the industry's first case. What new technology has been applied to this user management system, and what value does it have for customers and the industry? May wish to unveil its mystery.

Just in time, big data + artificial intelligence is equal to a more advanced membership management model

When Wanda was building its membership system, the concept of big data had just begun, and artificial intelligence (AI) was just beginning to emerge. Today, Haier's Internet user management system is just the right time. The market environment it faces is more mature and its technical conditions are better.

Traditional companies can only obtain membership data through suppliers and distributors, or by phone or geo-push. Haier only needs users to interact with Haier officials (including official website, mall, U +, etc.), and it will automatically record and update user data.

In addition to membership data, Haier's Internet user management system can accurately identify users, products, and households. Smart product activation registration, ordinary product scan code registration, the data background can automatically match the user ID with the product code, device ID. At the same time, the big data platform can also automatically identify the family according to the user's information, such as the same address, you can automatically determine the user's family.

User identification, product identification and family identification have completed the underlying construction of big data accumulation. The next step is to analyze and manage big data and provide intelligent services. Haier's Internet user management system analyzes, organizes, and identifies data, and finally draws 360-degree user portraits. These user portraits are divided into seven levels, such as geographic location, hobbies, etc. Each level has multiple dimensions (143 dimensions in total), more than 5,000 nodes, and data labels exceed 600 million. Then, Haier's Internet user management system will provide intelligent services for these clustered and segmented users, such as after-sales, customer service, and customization needs.

The more typical intelligent service is the electronicization of instructions, warranty cards, and invoices. The previous paper warranty cards are not easy to find and easy to lose, and often bring trouble when seeking after-sales service. Now all paper documents are electronically integrated on Haier U +, which greatly facilitates users.

In the future, customer service operators may also be replaced by artificial intelligence services. When a user encounters a question, the system automatically calls the user profile, matches the question, and matches the answer in the consultation database to answer it.

To sum up, the advantages of Haier's Internet user management system are twofold: firstly, it uses massive user big data as the bottom layer to uniformly identify and manage it; secondly, it uses intelligent services that can respond to a large number of user's personalized needs, such as user evaluation, After-sales service, customer service consultation, etc. to build a more advanced membership management system.

Establish ecology, from weak relationship to strong relationship, change consumer service model into a lifelong system

Letting customers be users is a weak relationship, there is no way to make "users" "lifetime users". The customer-enterprise relationship only exists in two paths: contact with the distributor in the early stage of purchase, and contact with the after-sales service during the product warranty period.

The emergence of Haier's Internet user management system makes it possible for weak relationships to become strong relationships, and customers have more connections with Haier: After customers' information is registered online, it becomes their own unique identification ID, and feedback is used according to their use. , Evaluation suggestions, purchase again to form personalized user information. Haier will provide various services based on user personalized information, such as delivery, customer service, after-sales and exclusive services. With multiple connections and strong services, ordinary users have become Haier's "lifetime users."

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