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Internet thinking allows companies to "sell production by sales"

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Hongxiang Henry Rice Co., Ltd., a provincial-level agricultural industrialization leader located in Baiquan County, has adopted "OEM production + e-commerce, e-commerce + physical store experience, and builds an independent e-commerce platform" in exploring new models of modern agricultural development. Step by step marketing strategy, embarked on a virtuous cycle of development of "production by sales". "In order to meet the needs of high-end partners and consumers for high-quality crops, we have made a series of corresponding modifications to the production and base. For example, all fiber optic systems are laid in the base to meet users Real-time video, communication and collection of planting information with the base; insist on no fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and rice-duck farming to produce organic rice, etc. in production. "

If it is said that ensuring the high quality of crops is the foundation of building an enterprise, then using Internet tools and Internet thinking to build an enterprise value chain is a strong strategy.

In 2014, Hongxiang Henry Rice implanted the "O2O" business model into the corporate development concept, and simultaneously implemented the "OEM production + e-commerce", "e-commerce + physical store experience", and a three-step development strategy for building an independent e-commerce platform. Embarked on the exploration of the development model of “determining production with sales”. Good ecological and quality assurance, that year attracted Guangzhou Pasting Trading Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Yishi IKEA Health Industry Co., Ltd., and Guoao Group to cooperate with the company to carry out OEM production cooperation that complements each other and strengthens them. The produced organic rice has also taken advantage of the brand advantages of these large cooperative companies to enter online e-commerce companies such as Taobao and Tmall for online sales. Hongxiang Henry thus obtained the first barrel of gold "sold by production." So far, the model has realized sales income of about 46 million yuan.

In 2016, with the support of the Baiquan County Government, Hongxiang Henry Rice Industry officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Sinopec Group, and its brand “Easy” became the only organic rice and green miscellaneous grain sold in Sinopec's convenience stores in China. The sales of "e-commerce + physical store experience" from "field" to "tip of tongue" are booming. Sinopec Convenience Stores in Beijing's West Beijing area had once been sold out, and the company's products also entered the Sinopec Group's online flagship store. According to statistics, in the first half of this year alone, Sinopec's convenience stores and online flagship stores sold 793.96 tons of products from Hongxiang Henry Rice, achieving sales income of more than 19 million yuan.

At the time of the breakthrough in the "e-commerce + physical store experience" sales method, Hongxiang Henry Rice Industry explored the third part of the model of "selling production with sales"-building an independent e-commerce platform is also in full swing.

Logging into Hongxiang Henry Rice's online sales platform, the reporter saw a wide range of products and distinctive features-duck rice, organic confinement rice, and grains, etc., with clear classification and precise market segmentation. Bai Chunfeng, manager of the e-commerce department, told reporters: "Through online marketing, we can not only directly understand the actual needs of customers, adjust sales strategies in a timely manner, and achieve good product sales; we can also rely on big data indicators to plan production and processing to achieve sales. Production. "

The "Three Steps" strategy allowed Hongxiang Henry Rice to break new ground in Internet marketing and taste the sweetness of market allocation of resources. Because Internet marketing has increased the visibility of enterprises and brands, Harbin "Madele", Shenzhen " "South China City" has reached a "group customization" sales agreement with the company. The two companies customized 260 acres and 380 acres of organic duck rice at an average price of 28.80 yuan / jin. At present, the company and the AVIC Qingdao Sanatorium have reached the "group customization" business.

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