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Chinese English Domain Name 135 yuan / year It looks like: ""
International English Domain Name 135 yuan / year It looks like: ""
.cc international domain names 300 yuan / year It looks like: ""
.biz international domain names 300 yuan / 2 years It looks like: ""
.info international domain names 300 yuan / 2 years It looks like: ""

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    • .The internet 320 yuan / year Send Chinese. China as: "China Resources. China" 320 yuan / year Send Chinese.Company in the form: "China Resources.Company" 320 yuan / year Send Chinese.Net, like: "China Resources.Net" 320 yuan / year Form: "China" 320 yuan / year Form: "China"

    选购域名 域名审核 域名设置 域名续费 Domain Name Frequently Asked QuestionsDomain Name Query

    What is a domain name?

    Answer: A domain name is the name of a server or a network system on the Internet. The form is composed of several English letters or numbers, separated by ".". For example, is a domain name. There are no duplicate domain names around the world.

    What kind of domain name is good to register?

    A: The basic principle of a good domain name is to remember it. The domain name that is easy to remember must be short (it should be no more than 6 characters), and the second must be meaningful. There are usually several methods for starting domain names: ① English word domain names such as,, etc .; ② Chinese Shuangpin domain names such as,; ③ digital domain names such as; Domain names such as and so on; ⑤ domain names such as and so on.

    What is a name domain?

    Answer: A natural person registers a domain name that is completely consistent or strongly related to his or her own name (including "domestic Chinese name domain name" and "domestic English name domain name"): ① The domain name is exactly the same as the name, such as Wang Qiang. China / ② The domain name contains the vocabulary of the applicant's full name, such as Wang Qiang's Weibo. China / Beijing Wang Qiang. China / /

    What is the domain registration process?

    Answer: Domain names are divided into international domain names and domestic domain names. Domestic domain names require real-name review, the specific process is as follows: international domain names: registered members → query domain names → unregistered, fill in registration information → payment → registration is successful; domestic domain names: registered members → query domain names → unregistered, fill in registration information → payment → submit Audit information → audit passed → successful registration.

    How do I choose the right domain name for me?

    A: The principle of domain name registration is simple, easy to remember, and logical. You can choose different domain names with different suffixes according to different uses of the website:
    ① Enterprise website: .com / .cn / .cc / .net / .biz
    ② Personal blog / website: .me / .name / .com / .co
    ③ Public welfare website: .org / .info / .com / .net / .mobi / .co
    ④ Weibo control / self-media: .tv / .me / .mobi / .cc / .com / .co
    For example, Taobao registered,, and other domain names to protect their brand.

    How to register your favorite domain name?

    A: If your favorite domain name has already been registered, you can first check whether it belongs to a Buy Now domain name. If it belongs to a Buy Now domain name, you can directly trade; if it does not, you can wait for it to expire. If the domain name does not expire within the validity period Renew before the timely renewal, it will be deleted after a period of time. The domain name can be registered as soon as it is deleted.

    Which domains need to be reviewed? How to review?

    Answer: After registering a domestic domain name, you need to submit application materials for real-name review. For details, please refer to the Chinese and English domain name registration materials
    ① The identity certificate of the registered contact person; (If you are registering personally, you need to submit your ID card, household registration book, and the certification materials issued by the local public security organs need to be stamped with a special household registration seal)
    ② Organization code certificate or enterprise business license; (company customer)
    ③ A domain name registration application form with official seal;
    ④ Trademark-related certification documents; (If the qualification documents to be registered for a registered trademark domain name, if it is a registered Chinese. Chinese domain name, if the Chinese language has been applied for a trademark, a trademark certification document is required)

    How soon after the domestic domain name registration is required to submit information for review?

    Answer: Submit the domain name information for review within 7 days after the domain name registration application, otherwise it will be deleted. If you still want to register the domain name, you need to re-submit after deletion (for domestic domain names only).

    How to check the results of domain name review?

    A: Please log in to the background of your domain name purchaser to see the audit results.

    Domain name filing or space filing?

    Answer: Filing, generally referred to as website filing, domain name filing, ICP filing, network filing, etc., refers to reporting the matter to the competent authority for the record. As long as the domain name is bound to a domestic server (space), you need to provide the domain name for the record.

    What is DNS?

    Answer: Optimus provides free domain name resolution services. The domain name resolution needs to be completed by a dedicated domain name resolution server. The entire process is automatic.

    How long does it take for domain name resolution to take effect?

    Answer: After the domain name is resolved, you cannot immediately access your website. The first time domain name resolution is performed, the effective time is generally 2 hours. Depending on the refresh time of the DNS server in each area, it usually takes effect within 24 hours.

    Domain registration process?

    Answer: ① Log on to the website of the Ministry of Information Industry at
    ② Register a new user and log in
    ③ Click Add link to fill in the record information
    ④ Receive a reply email from the Ministry of Information Industry
    ⑤ Put the certificate and approval number on your website according to the content of the email

    How do I download a domain name certificate?

    Answer: The domain name certificate can be searched and downloaded only after you have successfully registered and paid for the domain name. You can search and download the domain name certificate.

    What are renewal and redemption periods? How long are the renewal and redemption periods?

    Answer: After the domain name expires, the renewal period will be entered. If the user has not renewed the renewal period, the domain name will enter a high-priced redemption period after a period of time. During the redemption period, the original domain name holder can still redeem the domain name. If the domain name is not redeemed during the redemption period, the system will delete the domain name 5 days after the redemption period ends. During the redemption period, the domain name is forbidden to modify information, transfer, or delete, and does not provide DNS resolution.
    The renewal period of an international domain name is 30 natural days. The renewal period for domestic domain names is 44 natural days. The redemption period is generally 30 days.

    How to renew a domain name?

    A: Please go to the domain name providers and domain name management to renew the corresponding domain name.

    What is the domain renewal price?

    A: For details of domain name renewal prices, please go to the domain name providers for inquiries.

    选购虚拟主机 性能对比 主机备案 使用和升级 Common Problems with Virtual Hosting What Is Virtual Hosting Buying Virtual Hosting Performance Comparison Hosting Records Use and Upgrade

    What is the difference between virtual hosting, vps, and hosting lease?

    Answer: ① Virtual host refers to several spaces divided by virtual host management software on the same server and the same operating system, and each user occupies a part of system resources. Suitable for smaller capacity websites;
    ② VPS refers to the use of virtual server software to create multiple isolated small servers on the same server. It has its own operating system and operates and manages the same as independent servers. It is suitable for websites with a large number of visitors and managers who have certain server operation skills.
    ③Host lease refers to renting a server to allow users to enjoy server resources exclusively. It is suitable for websites with a large number of website visits and managers with professional server maintenance technology.

    What operating systems and languages does our web host support?

    Answer: The operating systems supported by our virtual host are: Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008; Supported languages under Windows: Html, WAP, ASP, .NET 2.0 / 3.0 / 3.5, PHP5.2.

    What databases and website building systems does our virtual host support?

    Answer: SQL Server 2005, ACCESS; MySQL5; The website building system supports open source systems such as wordpress / dedeCMS / ShopEx / ecshop.

    How to choose a virtual host?

    A: Pay attention to the following points when purchasing a virtual host:
    1. Speed: Use a virtual host with telecommunication backbone lines and configured with multi-line access to ensure its speed;
    2. Stability: Whether the service provider has a firewall and whether there is a system that specifically monitors network attacks are important criteria for judging the stability of virtual hosts;
    3, technical service support: for novices will definitely encounter a variety of problems, it is best to choose a host who provides services 24 hours a day, so as to ensure it.

    What kind of website needs to be filed?

    Answer: As long as your domain name has a corresponding website, it needs to be hosted for registration (ICP registration). If you have multiple domain names pointing to the same website, you only need to apply for one registration.

    Can one space bind multiple domain names?

    A: Yes, different types of virtual machines support different numbers of domain names. Please contact our customer service for details.

    Is it possible to increase the database space during virtual host use?

    Answer: Yes.

    Can the database be used separately?

    Answer: No. If it is split, it will become two databases. At present, a virtual host only supports one database. If there are multiple database requirements, it can be purchased separately.

    How do I upload content to a web host?

    A: You need to use FTP software to upload the content using your space username and password.

    How do I upgrade after purchasing a virtual host? How to renew?

    A: For details, please contact our related business personnel or customer service.

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