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Corporate Website Solutions

The core purpose of this solution is to display the basic information and products (services) of the enterprise, and it is the product “display box” of the enterprise. Utilizing network multimedia technology, database storage query technology, and effective pictures and text descriptions, the company's products (services) are fully displayed to new and old customers, so that customers can fully understand the company's products. Compared with the printed materials of the product, the website can create a more intuitive atmosphere and the appeal of the product, motivating merchants and consumers to have a purchasing desire for the product, thereby promoting corporate sales.
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project description
English domain name: A global top-level domain (.com / .net / / .cn)
Website space: Only used to store website related content, unlimited size
Website Features: 1. Separate graphic page background management, such as contact information, company profile, etc. can be managed in the background
2. Product display system, add product information within 30
3. Article news release system, support multi-level classification, can build rich website content
4. Online message system, support administrator review and reply
Web page production: Within 10 columns, no more than 30 pages
Off-site code: Free statistics code, map labeling code, online QQ / online MSN code, TQ Negotiation / E network access / 53KF, etc.
Website maintenance: Free maintenance within one year, no major changes to the page, no changes to the website, no charge, and completed within 24 hours from Monday to Saturday
price: 3680 yuan in the first year, 1,000 yuan / year from the next year
Match case display:
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